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There is a call to every believer to not only be a disciple but to make disciples. The call has never changed and He is still calling. Disciples were made from relationship and time spent with the One Creator, God and Savior. These disciples in turn went and replicated what the Lord did for them. They broke bread and went from house to house, teaching and making disciples. This is what Disciple Maker’s (DM) Lab is all about. It is relating while teaching, relating while mentoring, relating while discipling. DM Lab was formed with a burning desire to make disciples of all nations. We have technology at our finger tips. Reaching the world has never been more possible than in our time! DM Lab serves not only as a one-stop online resource platform, but it is a movement to make disciples. Jesus’ model was a one-on-one model. He led unassuming conversations to reveal deeper needs and in doing so, imparted truth and deliverance. It began from homes, with parents teaching children the way they should go and when they are old, will not depart from it. The setting was individually focused, a specific truth for a specific need. In the 21st Century, discipleship does not change. It remains the model Jesus lived out for us to see. We lead people into spiritual truths and into the journey of discipleship through our relationships. You will be tempted to embark on this journey alone. However, we must remember that discipleship takes place in the context of mentoring relationships. DM Lab works the same way. If you want to be a disciple and wish to have a disciple maker, write to us at and we will connect you to a disciple maker. DM Lab is free for anyone who wants to be a disciple maker. Use the resources as a conversation starter or a discussion topic. Use it to probe deep thinking and heal the hurting. Use it and become a disciple maker. In order to use DM Lab effectively, please watch the following videos to understand the attitudes and concepts behind disciple making along with the practical application of this process. Find out what the DNA of a disciple looks like and what it means to be a full-cycle Apostolic Christian. We invite all who are willing to answer the call and join in the movement that began 2000 years ago. We invite you to Come and Make Disciples!

The DNA of a Disciple

FLIP Method of Disciple Making

I Heart DMLAB - Father and Son 

How Do I Use DMLAB?


We are thankful to those who have contributed and have made their videos available online for free. In creating this one-stop online resource platform, Tabernacle of Joy has taken resources from various sources. Therefore, please understand that some of these resources might not hold the same Apostolic convictions. We have done our best to filter and streamline these materials so that they do not compromise our Apostolic doctrinal position. However, should you chance upon any resource that might seem contrary to our Apostolic beliefs, please write in to us so that we can be alerted and notified. We welcome any church, family and individual who wants to join in the movement to make disciples by sharing resources and joining this site. May God Bless you!

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